High Quality Titanium Wires For 3D Printing

In the past few years, 3D printing has caught the public’s imagination. Our company had produced titanium wires (Titanium Wire for 3D printing) and bars for many companies produce titanium powder. Titanium has high strength to density ratio,and is corrosion resistant. It is biocompatible and has good bioadhesion and is hence useful in surgical implants. Titanium is also expensive. Traditionally, manufacturers have incurred significant losses by the titanium wasted during manufacturing. Titanium 3D printers rule these out by reducing wastage [...]

The amount of titanium alloy used in aerospace will be further increased

As one of the main structure materials of airframe structures and aircraft engine, titanium alloy market application level is a measure of an important symbol of the advanced degree of aircraft material, is a important aspect affecting the tactical performance of airplane. The amount of titanium used in aircraft engines is also gradually increased, the amount of titanium has reached about 30% of foreign advanced aircraft engines, such as the amount of titanium on the V2500 engine up to fourth, [...]

Titanium Equipment for Marine Engineering Construction Project

Titanium equipment due to its long service life, and can make up for the problem of high investment cost, so we have chosen to titanium metal and not any other metals are there for a reason. In ocean engineering, titanium can be used in offshore oil and gas development projects, including the detection of hydrocarbons, to extract the oil and hydrocarbon raw materials shipped from oil and gas fields in offshore platform structure and marine engineering facilities.