Titanium Clad Plate

Ti/Stainless Steel, Ti/Steel, Ti/Al, Ti/Cu, Ti/Ni

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Product Description

Ti & Ti Alloy clad plate

Widely used in Petrochemical, Vacuum Salt, Chlor-alkali Industry, Power-station FGD, Hydro metallurgy, Electroplating, etc.

Product Material Size(mm) Standard
Ti/Stainless Steel Ti&Ti alloy,GR1,GR2 GR7, GR12

Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316,316L, 321, etc.

(CM TK) 1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W2000*L5000 GB8546-87
Ti/Steel Ti&Ti alloy Carbon Steel (CM TK) 1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W3000*L6000 GB/T8547-2006

ASTM B898-99

Ti/Al Ti&Ti alloy/Al&Al alloy (CM TK) 1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W3000*L6000 Agreement
Ti/Cu Ti&Ti alloy/Cu&Cu alloy (CM TK) 1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W3000*L6000 Q/XB1506-94
Ti/Ni Ti&Ti alloy/Cu&Cu alloy (CM TK) 1-20/(BM TK)2-200*W3000*L6000 GB8547-87


  • Packaging Details: inner packaging: plastic bag packaged with supporting thing inside; outer packaging: Polywood Case or Wooden Case with strips as you request
  • Delivery Detail: Within 5~15 days