Nitinol Alloy Bar

Nitinol Alloy Bar

Nitinol alloy bar and rod, Supler elastic Nitinol alloy bar

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Product Description


Nitinol Alloy Bars and Rods


Mainly Nickel and Titanium

Shape Memory Alloy

Super elastic Nitinol

Low Temperature Super elastic Nitinol Alloy

Medical Nitinol alloy

Narrow Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy:TiNiCu alloy

Wide Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy:TiNiNb   TiNiFe

Nitinol Flat Wires

3.Fully Annealing AF

  20℃~40℃ / 45℃~90℃/ -5℃~15℃/ -20℃~-30℃/ Active Af 33℃±3℃/ As-Ms≤5℃/ As-Ms<150℃


ASTM F2063-05  Q/XB1516  Customer specified or Industry Standard



Bar: Dia3.0mm—20mm

Sheet: Thickness 0.3-10.0mm  Width≤400mm  Length≤2500mm

6.Chemical composition:

Ni: 55.4% –56.2% C≤0.07 H≤0.005 O≤0.050 N:≤ 0.05


Nitinol Alloy mainly used to make cell phone antenna, children’s toys, experimental materials, glasses leg, women bra, Women’s Sports Central, arch wires, instruments and other areas of high-quality memory alloy wire.


Name Grade Transformation Temperature AF Form
Shape Memory Nitinol Alloy Ti-Ni-01 20 °C~ 40 °C Wire,bar,plate
Ti-Ni-02 45 °C~ 90 °C Wire,bar,plate
Super elastic Nitinol Alloy TiNi-SS -5 °C~ 5 °C Wire,bar,plate
Low Temperature Super elastic Nitinol Alloy TN3 <5 °C Wire,bar,plate
 TNC  <-15 °C
Medical Nitinol Alloy TiNi-SS 33 ± 3 °C Wire,bar,plate
Narrow Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy Ti-Ni-Cu As-Ms ≤ 5 °C Wire,bar
Wide Hysteresis Nitinol Alloy Ti-Ni-Fe As-Ms ≤ 150 °C Wire, bar
  • Packaging Details: inner packaging: plastic bag packaged with supporting thing inside; outer packaging: Polywood Case or Wooden Case with strips as you request
  • Delivery Detail: Within 5~15 days